Scholarships for Secondary Education Students

  • Open to students enrolled in Woodring
  • Preference given to those who are completing a major in Humanities or are seeking an endorsement in Social Studies
  • Preference also given to post-baccalaureate students.

  • Open to any student admitted to any Woodring teacher education program with a minimum cumulative 3.75 grade point average
  • Students must be intending to teach (major or endorsement) in the following fields of humanities: literature, history, philosophy, religion, arts, or foreign language. This must be indicated on the application.
  • Financial need is considered (please submit a statement of financial need).
  • Post-Bac and graduate students are eligible. 
  • Elementary and Special Education and ELL/TESOL students are not eligible unless they are majoring or getting a specific endorsement in one of these subject areas. 

  • Applicants must intend to teach in a general classroom at the elementary or secondary level. 
  • Applicants must be residents of Washington State.
  • Preference is given to public high school graduates from Arlington, Marysville and Snohomish school districts. 
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need (please submit a statement of financial need)
  • Must demonstrate a history of community service and high academic performance.
  • Post-Bac and graduate students are eligible.

  • Awards shall be made to students in Woodring College of Education who will be applying to, or are enrolled in, a degree or certificate in secondary education.
  • Potential and/or performance in secondary education and associated academic pursuits shall be the major criteria for awarding scholarship funds.
  • Financial need may be considered but is secondary to recipients' potential and/or performance in secondary education and associated academic pursuits.
  • The amounts of each of the scholarships shall be determined by the scholarship committee and, if awarding more than one, there is no requirement for equality in amounts.
  • Preference shall be given to female students.
  • As long as funding is available and the recipient maintains eligibility, this scholarship may be renewed.

  • Open to any student enrolled in a Woodring elementary or secondary teacher education program who can demonstrate their potential for becoming effective classroom teachers. 
  • Post-Bac and graduate students are eligible.

Single application for the above scholarships

You only need to submit one copy of the application form.