How to Apply

Scholarship Applications are closed.

2021-2022 Academic Year scholarship applications will open in Spring 2021.

If you are not yet a Woodring student but expect to be admitted fall, winter, or spring quarter during the 2021-22 school year, you need to apply for scholarships this Winter. 

This application process is only for Woodring College of Education Scholarships, listed on the Woodring Scholarship website.

Students who are eligible to apply are:

  • Currently enrolled and will be continuing through the 2021-22 Academic Year, including alt route
  • Not yet admitted to Woodring, but have applied or will apply for admission to any quarter of the coming 2021-22 Academic Year (fall, winter, spring)
  • Completing a program anytime during the 2021-22 Academic Year (fall, winter, spring, summer). 
  • Students applying to Woodring who are Future Woodring Scholars, Maestros, or another pre-admission status 

What you need to apply:

1. COVER SHEET (or APPLICATION FORM) - linked under each category

Each program has a list of scholarships in that category. There is an application cover sheet link immediately following the list. Submit one copy of this application cover sheet to apply for all of the scholarships listed above, except the ones marked with a star. * Those have a separate cover sheet or application form linked to the individual description or are selected by the program faculty directly.  

2. TRANSCRIPTS: Official transcripts are not required.  You may submit photocopies or a printout of your WWU or previous college academic history.

3. CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF GOAL-RELATED ACTIVITIES: Please include any experiences you've had, paid or unpaid, that contributed to your field of studies, e.g. volunteering or working with community or youth organizations or in school classrooms, etc. May include awards or recognition for such service. List length and dates in chronological order. May include very brief descriptions.

4. ESSAYS: All applications require an essay. See the appropriate application form for specific instructions. If you have been a Woodring student for two or more quarters, please refer to specific classes or course content that especially contributed to your understanding of your future profession. The more specific you can be about your own unique learning path, the better. 

5. RECOMMENDATIONS: Start asking for recommendations as soon as possible to give faculty time to respond to all requests, do not wait until the week before the deadline. We recommend asking two faculty or staff for recommendations. Your recommendation letters will be applied to all WCE scholarship applications you submit.

For WWU faculty or staff recommendations: below is an example email you can send when requesting a letter of recommendation. This form ONLY works for WWU employees. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not fill any part of the form yourself. 

Letter example

Dear (fill in title and name):

I am applying for Woodring College of Education Scholarships. Would you be willing to submit a recommendation for me?

(Insert something about why it would matter to you)

If so, here is the link to an e-form for your convenience

The deadline is April 13, 2021

Thank you,


(your name; class you are or were in/or job you held as a reminder)


For non-WWU recommendations: please direct references to email letters of support on letterhead to from an official school or organization email address (we will not accept emails from yahoo, gmail, etc.) 

You only need ONE form or letter from each reference to cover all of your applications. All recommendations received will be photocopied and matched with your application(s). If you write the names of your references on the application form, we will contact you if any are missing when we start processing them.

If references give you hard copies directly, you must follow their instructions.  Some want them left sealed in envelopes.  Some are fine with having them photocopied and attached to each of your applications.  Please include their names on the front of your application and count them into the two required recommendations.

6. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL NEED:  Please limit this to a 2 or 3 sentence explanation of why you might have circumstances that are not reflected in your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on your FAFSA or if you are not eligible to file a FAFSA.  DO NOT disclose personal financial (bank) or medical information.  Do not include a copy of FAFSA information.



Applications must be emailed by the April 13th deadline.

Send completed applications to



Thank you.

Good luck!