Comparison Shopping Tool

WWU Bookstore logoStudents are encouraged to shop for textbooks using the Associated Students Bookstore Comparison Shopping Tool.

Eligible veterans and students receiving aid or grants from state or federal agencies related to the purchase of textbooks, should not order directly using the comparison tool, but instead should follow the instructions below.

Special Instructions

For eligible Veteran's and students eligible for federal/state assistance with textbook purchases

Do not place an order using the online shopping tool linked above if a third-party agency will be purchasing books for you. Instead please follow these steps below:

  1. Students will advise agency Counselor to send email authorization to confirm arrangements and identity of an eligible student.  Students will request the agency to include allowance for shipping ($15.00/order).  The contact for agency accounts at the Western AS Bookstore is:


  2. Agency will send PO/Authorization to Sonja Dyer for each student.

  3. Students will place their orders online at:  www.bookstore.wwu.edu/ePOS  When buying your textbooks online please comment in the Note section at the end of checkout that you a third party paying for your textbooks.  You will still need to fill in your Western ID number.  Please enter a valid UPS shipping address unless you are scheduling a pickup.  If you are unable to locate your textbook needs on the Bookstore site, please contact Sonja Dyer.  Also, if ordering an e-book, you will not be able to do that online.  Please either email Sonja Dyer or asbookstore@wwu.edu to place e-book orders.

  4. For students with authorized supply orders, if you do not see what you need online, please email Sonja Dyer.
  5. Textbooks and supplies can either be mailed to students or students may schedule a time for pick up.  This is subject to change.