Comparison Shopping Tool

WWU Bookstore logoStudents are encouraged to shop for textbooks using the Associated Students Bookstore Comparison Shopping Tool.

Eligible veterans and students receiving aid or grants from state or federal agencies related to the purchase of textbooks, should not order directly using the comparison tool, but instead should follow the instructions below.

Special Instructions

For eligible Veteran's and students eligible for federal/state assistance with textbook purchases

Do not place an order using the online shopping tool linked above if a third party agency will be purchasing books for you. Instead please follow these steps below:

  1. Student advises agency Counselor to contact the appropriate contact below via e-mail in order to confirm arrangements and identity of eligible student.  Student should request agency to include allowance for shipping (@$13/order). Contacts are:
    1. Veteran’s Administration (chapter 31 eligible veteran’s only) - Veterans Services
    2. All other third party payers (i.e. DVR/DSHS/L+I  etc.) -  Martha Bartlett
  2. Agency will send purchase order for each eligible student to appropriate contact.
  3. Student will order textbooks via WWU e-mail account. Send e-mail with list of textbooks to be ordered to Brenda Armstrong.  When ordering, student should include the following:
    1. student name
    2. student ship to address
    3. self-identification as working with an agency such as DVR/VA/DSHS/L+I etc.
    4. any other relevant account info.
    5. Booklist should include the following for each book to be ordered
      1. book title
      2. author
      3. ISBN number
  4. E-mail sent via WWU email account will serve as student signature. 
  5. WWU Bookstore will charge to students agency account and mail textbooks to student.