Contacts and Advising Information

Transfer Advising is for students who are considering transferring to Western from a community college or another 4-year college and completing a major in Human Services. The Human Services Department does not require specific courses for acceptance to the major; however, coursework in related disciplines such as early childhood, sociology, psychology, cultural anthropology, women's studies, and so on is encouraged. Students who transfer may be required to complete certain General University Requirements (GURs). See Community College Transfer Advising or speak to an academic advisor listed below.

Program Advising concerns general questions about the program.  Questions about application deadlines, how to apply to the program, quarterly registration, when classes meet, requirements for the major, major evaluations for graduation, planning and tracking progress in the major, policies/procedures, and who to contact in other university departments should be directed to Program Advisors, listed below.

Academic Advising provides an opportunity for students in the Human Services major to meet with a faculty advisor to discuss

  • approval of transfer credits toward the major
  • career directions
  • graduate school
  • minors/double majors (main campus)
  • study abroad
  • course substitutions
  • academic challenges and unique situations

Students have a plan of study that will fulfill the requirements of the major. Students are required to have a 2-year plan of study approved by an advisor on file with the program office.

Students who attend program locations that have more than one advisor can check with the Program Advisor to find out who the assigned advisor is or to change advisors.


Program Advising Misti Williams, 360-650-7759
Academic Advising Various Faculty - please contact 360-650-7759 or for referral.


Program Advising Lilla Bodo, 360-475-7265 or 360-650-7487
Academic Advising Various Faculty - please contact 360.650.7487
or for referral.


Program Advising Monica Holmer, 425-405-1640
Academic Advising Dr. Anne Blanchard