Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to optional coursework and scholarship, Maestros Scholars are paired with current Woodring students who serve as mentors during the Scholar's first year at Western. Typically these students are Maestros Scholars themselves who are well versed in all things Woodring. Mentors host a variety of social and academic events throughout the year to build community and provide assistance with a variety of the challenges facing transfer students. Maestros students are also given priority admission consideration for teacher and human service programs in Woodring. 



While there are no requirements for Maestros students once they arrive at Western, students are encouraged to register for the Maestrxs Apprenticeship Seminar (ESJ 397). For the 2021-2022 academic year, students who enroll in both quarters of ESJ 397 will receive scholarship. 

Yes! Maestros Scholars receive a scholarship award upon entry into Western, with an additional funding for participation in our optional coursework. The following funding resources are also available as requested: 

  • Testing Vouchers
    • Testing vouchers for the West-B, West-E, and NES
    • Please contact Daisy Padilla for more information.  
  • Travel Funding
    • Additional funds to reimburse significant (i.e. outside of Bellingham) travel to and from campus
    • Please contact Daisy Padilla for more information.  

Students are also encouraged to apply for continuing student scholarships through Woodring College and Western Scholarship Center once they begin their studies as full-time Western students.