Why Choose Early Childhood Education?

The program that I was in really excelled in helping students understand the concept of the whole child.

Phi Nguyen

P-3 Cohort 7 Graduate. Phi is currently employed as a kindergarten teacher.

They understand curriculum development and how to integrate all the aspects or domains of child development into their lessons.  I have principals who always ask me, 'Who are the candidates coming out of Western's Early Learning Program?  I want to make sure I'm taking a look at them.

Dr. Kristi Dominguez

Superintendent, Ferndale Schools

When I came here to Woodring, and I was looking through all the programs, ECE really stood out to me because of their philosophy on education.  They believe it's made up of experiences, relationships, community and culture.  And that really resonated with me.

Briana Burke

P-3 Cohort 9 Graduate. Briana is currently employed as a kindergarten teacher.

While working in that Early Childhood Program, there was one day where I came home and I was talking about work and how things went, and I realized that I was taking work home with me, but in a positive way.  I was going home excited about what I was doing and wanting to go back and continue the work.

Alex Straus

P-3 Cohort 7 Graduate. Alex is currently employed as a first grade teacher.

The program gave me the opportunity to have teachers who understand my background and who support me.

Karina Marroquin

Cohort 10 P-3 Graduate

I am so excited to apply all the things I learned in this program to my own classroom.

Sung Yoon

P-3 Cohort 8 Graduate. Sung is currently employed as a kindergarten teacher.

I feel like the program developed, within me, a deeper understanding for childhood and a deeper understanding for learning.

Laine Lanz

P-3 Graduate. Laine is currently employed as an Early Childhood Program Specialist in the AS Child Development Center.

The interns that have to come us from Western Washington, from the ECE program, have come with a really strong foundation in our instructional frameworks... so it feels like it's a natural fit.

Megan Vigre

Director of Teaching and Learning, Nooksack Valley School District

Going through that cohort, you're almost like an education family.

Megan Tran

P-3 Cohort 7 Graduate. Megan is currently employed as a third grade teacher.

I knew that children are fully capable and that I wanted to challenge them and push them to greater lengths, but I didn't really have a general idea until I started at Woodring, and then I started getting the background information.

Elizabeth Maynard

P-3 Cohort 3 Graduate. Elizabeth is currently employed as the Executive Director of Bellingham Childcare and Learning Center.

Every classroom I'm in, I find things that I like.

Samantha Mooneyham

P-3 Cohort 8 Graduate. Sam is currently employed as a kindergarten teacher.