Curriculum Council


The WCC reviews and approves all requests for new or revised undergraduate courses/programs and catalog copy of the Woodring College of Education, including Outreach Programs. The WCC is also charged with the responsibility for finding and eliminating (where appropriate) duplication of content in undergraduate courses within the college. All final review of new or revised courses and programs will ultimately go to the Academic Coordinating Council (ACC). Final review of new or revised courses and programs pertaining to teacher education and teacher certification programs will be conducted by the Teacher Curriculum and Certification Council (TCCC) before being sent to the ACC.


The Woodring Curriculum Council shall include one faculty representative from each program area or department within the Woodring College of Education, the Associate Dean of Woodring College of Education (ex-officio), and a representative from Woodring Outreach Programs (ex-officio) appointed by the Dean. Members should be able to explain departmental proposals, or invite a representative who can speak to the proposal. The chair of the WCC is elected by and from the voting membership of the committee and votes on council action items.