Rehabilitation Counseling Advisory Committee

Committee Charge

The Rehabilitation Counseling (RC) Advisory Committee will serve in an advisory capacity for the students, staff, and faculty of the Western Washington University Graduate Program in Rehabilitation Counseling by (1) providing feedback regarding local, state, regional, and national trends, needs, and policy changes; (2) acting as an advocate for the RC program; and (3) providing feedback on the current curriculum and proposed curriculum changes. The RC Advisory Committee will also serve as an external reviewer for certain areas of the program evaluation plan, including (1) the RC program’s mission and objectives; (2) the curriculum; (3) graduate achievement and employment; (4) recruitment and retention of students; and (5) program recognition, support, and resources.


Andres Aguirre

Director, Washington State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Cathy Cottingham

People Systems

Jana Finkbonner

North Intertribal Vocational Rehabilitation

Laurie Ford

Director, TACE Northwest

Dona Fuerst

Training Manager, Washington State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Nanna Hanchett

Chief of Field Services, Idaho Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Karolyn Hannem

Assistant VR & E Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs

Sheila Hoover

Internship Coordinator, Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Kurt Johnson

Professor, Rehabilitation Counseling, University of Washington

Eva Larrauri

Department of Services for the Blind

Kathe Matrone

Director, Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation & Region X RCEP

Trula Nicholas

Associate Professor, Human Services, WWU

Teresa Pitt

Alaska Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Kathy Powers

Director of Services, Orion Industries




Minutes Academic Term Academic Year
06/14/13 Spring 2012-2013
11/30/2012 Fall 2012-2013
11/4/11 Fall 2011-2012
12/10/10 Fall 2010-2011
7/2/10 Summer 2009-2010
11/6/09 Fall 2009-2010
6/18/09 Summer 2008-2009
5/15/09 Spring 2008-2009
10/9/07 Fall 2007-2008
4/4/06 Spring 2005-2006