Technology Committee


The Technology Committee promotes the effective use of instructional technology in the College. These duties include developing and implementing professional development strategies related to instructional technology (e.g., showcasing the enhancement of instruction through effective uses of technology; creating venues for increasing awareness and understanding of effective uses of technology that support student learning as aligned with State or National Technology Standards).

The Technology Committee also acts as a resource for the College, including off campus and distance learning programs (e.g., interfacing with University technology committees; assisting with writing grants related to technology).

Additionally, this committee monitors allocation of College technology resources (e.g., reviewing WCE and University allocation policies; periodically reviewing the college technology plan).  

Finally, the Technology Committee acts as a liaison to other technology related bodies within the College and across the University.


The Technology Committee shall consist of the following representation:

  1. Volunteers who are interested in technology, are willing to commit to the work of the Committee, and who share the mission of the Committee in the context of the College.
  2. Appointees from Divisions or Departments that may, but are not required to, send someone to the Committee.
  3. The Director of Instructional Technology.
  4. The Director of Woodring Technology Services.
  5. The WCE representative to the Academic Technology Committee (ATC).
  6. A representative from Academic Technology & User Services (ATUS).
  7. At least one staff representative.
  8. A non-voting staff member to provide administrative support.
  9. A student representative if one is available.