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Woodring Staff Advisory Council

The Woodring Staff Advisory Council (WSAC) recognizes that Staff are integral and important members of the College community and essential to achieving the mission and vision of the College.

The primary purpose of the Woodring Staff Advisory Council is to contribute to the mission and vision of the College and to facilitate the integration of staff voice in matters of the College that affect or are of importance to staff. The Council seeks to accomplish this by:

  • Promoting a positive and supportive work environment for all members of the College
  • Facilitating collaboration, mentoring, and knowledge sharing among the Staff and Faculty
  • Promoting equity, enhancing the visibility and strengthening the voice of Staff within the College
  • Serving as a college leadership committee in an advisory role to the Dean and College leadership committees in matters affecting Staff


The Council will have advisory responsibilities as listed below. Additional items that meet the general parameters expressed below should be reviewed by the Council.


  • Facilitate meaningful Staff participation in college governance by soliciting Staff opinions and views on a regular basis, particularly on matters pertaining to overall planning and budget affecting Staff.
  • Advise the Dean on matters pertaining to overall planning and budget affecting Staff.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding any plans pertaining to the organization or governance of the college affecting Staff.
  • Provide one representative to serve on the search committee for any college level administrative/staff position.
  • Provide Staff representation on the Woodring Advisory Council
  • Provide Staff representation on other committees or workgroups as requested.


Review all college policies, plans, and procedures on a regular basis, making recommendations for changes.


Review changes in allocations of college resources affecting Staff. The Council should be involved early in any process involving any of the duties listed above. Such involvement should provide the Council with enough time to fully consider the issue(s) and an opportunity to obtain feedback from constituencies.

The Council may call for the formation of ad hoc Staff committees to address needs that are beyond the resources or expertise of the Council. Such ad hoc committees may include those who are not Council members. The Council Co-Chairs will consult with the Dean and department lead staff to identify non-Council members who might serve.


All college Staff are full members of the Council. This includes part-time, project, and temporary employees.

Staff Constituent Areas

The following constituent areas currently exist within the college. They will be revisited as necessary (and as they may be renamed in the future).

  • Special Education (includes Ed Admin and Compass to Campus)
  • Elementary Education (includes CEED)
  • Secondary Education
  • Human Services & Rehabilitation (includes HS/RC/CCE/NURS)
  • Dean's Support Staff (includes Technology Services)
  • Teacher Ed Student Support Services (includes Admissions, Certification, Field Experiences)
  • Outreach Programs (includes staff housed off campus)


  • Council meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend.
  • Frequency - Regular meetings will be conducted at least quarterly. Special meetings may be called by either WSAC Co-Chair.
  • Quorum - A quorum must be present to conduct any business of the Council. A quorum is present when there are members attending from at least ½ (rounded up) of the constituent areas.


All members are eligible to vote. Voting on resolutions arising from any regular or special meeting will be conducted via electronic polling to all college Staff.

Staff Constituent Area Representatives

In order to develop sustainable leadership within the organization, each constituent area will elect one representative annually to attend Council meetings. Representatives may send a proxy from their area to attend in their place, in cases where a schedule conflict exists.


Two members will be elected as Co-Chairs. These positions will be responsible for assuring the effective functioning and sustainability of the organization. Elected members will act as the representatives of the organization to the college and university, as necessary. The terms of these two positions of responsibility and leadership will be for two years. Elections for each position will occur during spring quarter of alternating years, with terms effective fall through summer quarters. The earlier (senior) elected position will function as a mentor for the more recently elected (junior) Co-Chair.


The term of office for WSAC representatives is one year. The term for each Co-Chair position is two years. Terms for Co-Chair positions alternate years from each other so that the terms do not end simultaneously. Terms for all positions are effective fall through summer quarters.


Elections for all positions occur before the end of spring quarter.


To contact the co-chairs, please email wsac@wwu.edu or contact the Dean's Office Assistant at 360-650-3319 for current alternate contact methods.