Teacher Education & Academic Departments Commission


Comprised of faculty representatives from Woodring College of Education and the arts and sciences departments across the University, the Teacher Education Academic Departments Commission serves as a forum for the discussion and development of teacher preparation issues, policies, and initiatives. The Commission also provides a mechanism for ongoing communication between all the departments in the University involved in the preparation of teachers.


Woodring College of Education Representatives

Karen Dade Associate Dean
David Carroll Department of Elementary Education
Peter Johnson Certification and Teacher Education Admissions
Gail Coulter Department of Special Education & Educational Leadership
Kevin Roxas Department of Secondary Education
Pamela Brock Assessment and Evaluation
Christine Schaefer Academic Program Director, Everett MIT

Representatives from Other Units

Patty Bourne Department of Music
Jessica Cohen Department of Mathematics
Deb Currier Department of Theatre and Dance
Alejandro Acevedo-Guitierrez Department of Biology
Edward Geary Program Director; Science, Mathematics and Technology Education
Bruce Goebel Department of English
Gaye Green Department of Art
Maria Mendez Paqui Department of Modern & Classical Languages
Kevin Leonard Department of History
Marc Geisler Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Staff support: Lisa Burn - Lisa.Burn@wwu.edu


Minutes Academic Term Academic Year
1/30/14 Winter 2013-2014
10/2/13 Fall 2013-2014
2/1/13 Winter 2012-2013
4/27/12 Spring 2011-2012
1/27/12 Winter 2011-2012
11/18/11 Fall 2011-2012
5/13/11 Spring 2010-2011
2/18/11 Winter 2010-2011
11/5/10 Fall 2010-2011
10/24/08 Fall 2008-2009