A statement of support

A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Teacher Curricula & Certification Council


The TCCC shall have jurisdiction over teacher education certification programs, and professional preparation programs proposed by certification consortia in which the University participates. The TCCC shall

  1. provide interaction among the units of WWU engaged in teacher preparation;
  2. take actions to improve relations with agencies outside WWU which relate to teacher preparation and certification; and
  3. ensure that actions being considered which might affect courses or programs offered by academic units of WWU are forwarded to those units for review at least one week prior to final action. Failure to do so will void the action.


Woodring Co-Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (Ex Officio) Tracy Coskie, TCCC Chair
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Chris Friday - History (2019-21)

Kate Destler - Political Science (2019-21)
College of Science and Engineering Emily Borda - Science Education (2019-21)

Rebecca Borowski – Math Education  (2019-21)
College of Fine and Performing Arts Deb Currier - Theater/Dance (2018-20)

James Ray - Music (2019-21) 

Woodring College of Education

  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Special Education


Beth Dillard -- substituting for Jen Green for 2019-20 academic year
Francisco Rios (2018-20)
Chuck Lambert (2018-20)

Woodring representative to ACC Vacant
Public School Representative Vacant
Director, Teacher Certification, Accreditation & Admissions Peter Johnson
Interim Director, Office of  Field Experiences Melissa Oscarson

Student Representatives
(undergrad, grad or post bac)

Vacant, Elementary Education
Vacant, Secondary Education
Vacant, Special Education



Minutes Academic Term Academic Year
1/23/20 Winter 2019-2020
12/10/19 Fall 2019-2020
11/12/19 Fall 2019-2020
10/29/19 Fall 2019-2020
3/01/19 Winter 2018-2019
2/27/19 Winter 2018-2019
2/19/19 Winter 2018-2019
1/29/19 Winter 2018-2019
12/10/18 Fall 2018-2019
11/27/18 Fall 2018-2019