Chairs and Directors Council

The Chairs and Directors Council works closely with the Dean to address personnel issues, budget, curriculum, and policy concerns that impact departments and offices within the College for both state-supported and self-supporting programs.


The Chairs and Directors assist the Dean by making recommendations regarding issues of importance to the College, including:

  • Budget issues that impact departments, offices, centers, and other administrative units.
  • Curriculum and programs that cross departmental lines.
  • Decisions to seek new faculty and staff positions.
  • Allocation of equipment for departments and offices, including technology concerns/issues.
  • Operations of the college that relate to the building, maintenance, safety, etc..
  • Appointments of college representatives to standing committees.
  • Issues related to accreditation.
  • Decisions on Graduate Assistant assignments within the college, based upon the recommendations of the Woodring Graduate Committee.
  • Actions based on department evaluations and continuous improvement.
  • College-level issues regarding student advisement, admissions, retention, and graduation.
  • Private donor funding options impacting departments and offices.
  • Assist with publicity and communications with external agencies.
  • Review directions and issues related to both state-supported and outreach programs. 


Membership shall include:

  • the chairs of each academic department (Health and Community Studies, Elementary Education, Special Education and Education Leadership, and Secondary Education),
  • the Data Management and Assessment Specialist,
  • the Director of the Office of Field Experiences,
  • the Director of Technology Services,
  • the Director of Certification, Accreditation and Admissions,
  • the Operations Manager,
  • the Diversity Retention and Recruitment Specialist,
  • an Outreach Program representative,
  • the Associate Dean,
  • and the Dean.