Graduate Committee


The Woodring Graduate Committee (WGC)

  1. reviews and approves graduate courses, programs, and degrees of the Woodring College of Education (WCE);
  2. serves as a forum for discussion pertaining to continuous improvement of graduate study in the WCE and serves as the primary liaison between the WCE and the University Graduate Council regarding all aspects of graduate study;
  3. submits recommendations to the Chairs and Directors Council regarding the distribution of graduate assistants to departments and program areas based on the allocation from the WWU Graduate Council; and
  4. establishes scholarship application procedures, reviews applications, and makes recommendation for awarding of the John Dewey Graduate Student Scholarship, the James McCallum Graduate Fellowship, and others as requested.

The University Graduate Council will conduct final review of new or revised graduate courses, programs, and degrees. Final review of new or revised graduate courses and programs pertaining to teacher education and teacher certification will be conducted by the Teacher Curriculum and Certification Council (TCCC) before being sent to the University Graduate Council.


Membership consists of no more than one representative from each department or program area within the WCE that currently offers master’s degrees and/or graduate-level courses, one graduate student appointed by programs on a rotating basis, and the Associate Dean of Woodring (ex-officio).