Teacher PEAB

In accordance with the Washington Administrative Code (WAC 181-78A-220 & 250), voting membership on the Teacher Professional Education Advisory Board (PEAB) shall consist of the following:

  1. One-half of the voting members, totaling four, shall be classroom teachers. All, but one, will be appointed by the president of the Washington Education Association. The remaining teacher shall be employed in a state-approved private school and appointed by the Washington Federation of Independent Schools.
  2. One principal appointed by the president of the Association of Washington School Principals.
  3. One school administrator appointed by the Washington Association of School Administrators.
  4. One educational staff associate (school counselor, school psychologist, school social worker, school nurse, school occupational therapist, school physical therapist, or school speech language pathologist or audiologist) appointed by the president of the individual's professional association.

The Woodring College of Education Dean, serving as Executive Officer of the Board. Non-voting membership on the Board shall consist of the following representatives from Woodring College of Education:

  1. Associate Dean
  2. one faculty representative from each of the following units: Elementary Education Department, Secondary Education Department, and Special Education and Educational Leadership Department.
  3. one student member who is currently enrolled in a Woodring College of Education teacher preparation program, appointed by the President of the Student Washington Education Association.

Appointments for members will be for three years, except for those members assigned by role. Appointed members shall be eligible to serve two three-year terms. The student appointment will be for one year.