Tenure & Promotion Committee


The College Tenure and Promotion (T & P) Committee is a standing committee of the Woodring College of Education, which has obligations to both the candidate and the institution. The College Tenure and Promotion Committee bears responsibility for ensuring that due process procedures are followed during its review and deliberations. The committee shall review the candidate’s file in order to determine that the department’s review meets the standards set forth by that department and the College (CBA In addition, the Committee has the responsibility to periodically review and recommend updates to the WCE Plan for Faculty Development and Evaluation to ensure its alignment with collective bargaining agreements, College and University policies, and evolving expectations regarding tenure and promotion.
Subsequent to department reviews and completion of Chair’s summary, the T & P Committee (1) examines candidate portfolios for tenure and promotion and 5-year post tenure reviews, and (2) makes recommendations to the Dean regarding compliance with department and college evaluation plans.


  • Don Larsen, Chair, Special Education & Education Leadership, Spring 2017 
  • Chuck Lambert, Special Education, Spring 2018
  • Marsha Riddle Buly, Elementary Education, Spring 2017
  • Sondra Cuban, Health & Community Studies, Spring 2019
  • Chris Ohana, Elementary Education, Spring 2018
  • Don Burgess, Secondary Education, Spring 2019
  • Karen Olstad, Support Staff

Meeting Minutes

Minutes for this committee are not posted online, because of their highly confidential nature