School Counselor Professional Education Advisory Board


The Woodring College of Education is required by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to establish Professional Education Advisory Boards (PEABs) for the following certification programs: administrator, school counselor, and teacher. The purposes of the PEABs include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. to coordinate development and evaluation of professional studies programs for education personnel in the State of Washington in accordance with Washington Administrative Code;
  2. to recommend additions and/or modifications in professional programs in accordance with the intent of the current standards for preparation and certification;
  3. whenever possible, to promote such cooperation and interaction as may be beneficial to the public and private schools and other agencies in the State of Washington; and
  4. submission/endorsement of annual reports to OSPI. The Board is advisory, but its endorsement of Western’s programs is considered an important indicator of the quality and relevance of professional training at the University.




Minutes Academic Term Academic Year
2/10/15 Winter 2014-2015
10/14/14 Fall 2014-2015
5/13/14 Spring 2013-2014
4/15/14 Spring 2013-2014
2/4/14 Winter 2013-2014
12/11/13 Fall 2013-2014
5/21/13 Spring 2012-2013
4/16/13 Spring 2012-2013
2/5/13 Winter 2012-2013
11/6/12 Fall 2012-2013