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Graduate Committee


The Woodring Graduate Committee (WGC)

  1. reviews and approves graduate courses, programs, and degrees of the Woodring College of Education (WCE);
  2. serves as a forum for discussion pertaining to continuous improvement of graduate study in the WCE and serves as the primary liaison between the WCE and the University Graduate Council regarding all aspects of graduate study;
  3. submits to the University Graduate Council a formal request for graduate assistants to be allocated to the WCE and determines the distribution of these graduate assistantships to departments and program areas; and
  4. establishes application procedures, reviews applications, and makes recommendation for awarding of the John Dewey Graduate Student Scholarship, the James McCallum Graduate Fellowship, and others as requested.

The University Graduate Council will conduct final review of new or revised graduate courses, programs, and degrees.


Membership consists of no more than one representative from each department or program area within Woodring that currently offers master’s degrees and/or graduate-level courses, one graduate student appointed by programs on a rotating basis, and the Associate Dean of Woodring (ex-officio).

Staggered terms are three years each, with the exception of the graduate student who will be assigned annually. As each person’s term expires, her/his department/program area will indicate its faculty representative for a new three-year term. Appointments are made Spring Quarter of the year preceding appointment to the WGC; members may be reappointed as there are no term limits.

The WGC will elect a Chair for a two-year term. The Chair shall be a ranked (tenured/tenure-track) faculty member and shall be elected by the membership in the Spring of each year.

Beth Boland is serving as Woodring's representative on the Graduate Council for 2015-2018.

Schedule for Graduate Student Representation is as follows:

Elementary Education                  2018-2019

Rehabilitation Counseling            2019-2020

Adult in Higher Education            2020-2021

Educational Administration         2021-2022

Secondary Education                    2022-2023

Special Education                          (on hiatus)


Routing of requests that impact graduate courses/programs follows the current Woodring E-Sign Curriculum Forms Routing process.

Operating Procedures/Policies

  • All such matters, where appropriate, will be directed to those departments/program areas affected.
  • Requests and communication to the Graduate School regarding graduate program structure, goals and policies will come through the WGC. Department/program area faculty will communicate directly with the Graduate School regarding routine items such as admissions, filing of programs and advisement.
  • WGC meetings are open to all members of the WCE.
  • Curricular items will be considered in a single reading in order to streamline Woodring’s curricular review process; if questions or concerns arise, approval will be delayed until those questions or concerns are satisfactorily resolved. Minor changes required by the WGC will be reviewed by the WGC Chair prior to forwarding to the appropriate curricular body or brought back to the committee as deemed appropriate.
  • Minutes will be completed by the support staff and reviewed by the Chair of the WGC. Minutes of each WGC meeting are posted to the WCE website in a timely manner. Any corrections made by the WGC will be reflected in the minutes of the following meeting.
  • The WGC will support completion of theses within the WCE by interpreting Graduate School guidelines and, when requested, reviewing theses proposals.
  • Changes by the Graduate Council to items previously approved by the WGC must be brought back before the WGC. All communication with the Graduate Council regarding such proposed changes must be reviewed by the WGC. Note: If the WGC concurs with the request, the WGC Chair will follow-through with notifying the appropriate curricular body.


Minutes Academic Termsort ascending Academic Year
10/26/15 Fall 2015-2016
11/15/10 Fall 2010-2011
11/23/15 Fall 2015-2016
11/18/09 Fall 2009-2010
10/19/16 Fall 2016-2017
12/5/07 Fall 2007-2008
10/20/14 Fall 2014-2015
10/19/16 Fall 2016-2017
11/9/12 Fall 2012-2013
11/3/14 Fall 2014-2015