Equity and Diversity Committee

Woodring College of Education strives to be inclusive of all diverse populations including, but not limited to, those who have experienced systemic social injustices based on their ethnicity, race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, language, socio-economic status, or religion.

Woodring College of Education is committed to transformational change that supports increased understanding and respect for differences and similarities among people and cultures. One of the ways the College fulfills this commitment is through the work of its Diversity Committee.


The Woodring College of Education Equity and Diversity Committee will recommend strategies and processes to :

  1. support the integration of diversity throughout curricula and field experiences for all Woodring students;
  2. attract and retain an increasingly diverse faculty, staff and student populations; and
  3. foster the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of individual members of the College about diversity, equity, and social justice.

The Diversity Committee will act in an advisory capacity to the Woodring Advisory Council to support institutional commitment of the goals. 


Membership is open to all Woodring College and Western Washington University faculty and staff who are committed to the charge of the committee. Members include representatives from Woodring faculty, staff and students from all departments, the Education Librarian, and the Assistant Vice president of Student Affairs, and interested administrators from the university.

If you are interested in joining, please contact one of the Co-Chairs.

Jackie Baker-Sennett Co-Associate Dean for Student Affairs, WCE
Jasmine Balasa Graduate Student, Adult & Higher Education
Laural Ballew Executive Director of American Indian/Alaska Native and First Nations Relations and Tribal Liaison
Kelsey Barrett Student, Special Ed/Elementary Ed
Dana Brickham Faculty, Rehabilitation Counseling
Tim Bruce Program Director, Educational Administration M.Ed. Program
Genevieve Carrillo Co-chair/Staff, WCE Dean's Office
Jose Cervantes-Aguilar Student, MiT Secondary;Graduate Student Senator
Elsa Chambers Student, ELED/Students for Public Education
Natalie Chan Student, Human Services
Joohee Choi Co-chair/Student, Human Services
Jack Clemens Student, Secondary Education
Natalie Cloyd Student, ELED
Brett Coleman Faculty, Human Services
Hope Corbin Faculty/Director, Human Services
Jace Cotton Student, ELED/Students for Public Education
Gail Coulter Faculty, Special Education
Sanne de Boer Student, Human Services
Lilli Donahoe Student, Human Services
Bailey Duran Student, Human Services
Christine Espina Faculty, Nursing
Jessica Ferreras-Stone Faculty, Elementary Education
Lindsay Foreman-Murray Faculty, Special Education
Kristen French Director, Center for Education, Equity & Diversity (CEED) and Faculty, Elementary Education
Gail Goulet Co-chair/Faculty, Adult and Higher Education
Diana Gruman Faculty, Psychology
Sue Guenter-Schlesinger Executive Director/ADA Coordinator, Equal Opportunity Office
Gloria Guizar Student, Human Services
Brooke Hagopian Student, Secondary Education
Jeffery Hart Faculty, Special Education
Haley Johnson Student, Human Services
Bridget Kelley Faculty, Special Education
Elizabeth Kelly Student, Human Services
Patrick Kissinger Student, Secondary Education
Bruce Larson Interim Associate Dean, Woodring College
Lindsay Little Student, MiT, Secondary
Bill Lonneman Faculty, Nursing
Elaine Mehary Staff, Secondary Education - Education & Social Justice Minor
Victor Nolet Faculty, Secondary Education
Stephen Oswald Student, Secondary Education
Sarah Ounniyom Student, Human Services
Neco Pacheaco Student, Special Education
Daisy Padilla Torres Co-chair/WCE Senior Consultant for Diversity, Recruitment and Retention
Natalie Reeder Student, ELED/Students for Public Education
Francisco Rios Faculty, Secondary Education
Shaun Sowell Faculty, Psychology-School Counseling
Maria Timmons Flores Faculty, Elementary Education/C2C
Joan Ullin Assistant Director, Student Outreach Services
Tara Villalba Faculty, Compass2Campus/Human Services
Horacio Walker Dean, Woodring College of Education

Meeting Schedule

  • All are welcome to attend! The committee usually meets the first Friday of the month, 8:30-10:00 am, in fall, winter, and spring quarters. For more information about meeting times and location, contact Misti.Williams@wwu.edu (Equity and Diversity Committee staff support), 360-650-7759.


Minutes Academic Termsort ascending Academic Year
6/5/15 Spring 2014-2015
5/6/11 Spring 2010-2011
5/2/08 Spring 2007-2008
4/3/09 Spring 2008-2009
4/05/19 Spring 2018-2019
6/5/09 Spring 2008-2009
5/03/19 Spring 2018-2019
04/14/14 Spring 2013-2014
5/31/19 Spring 2018-2019
4/6/12 Spring 2011-2012